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Poll: What is your age & Type prefence

Discussion in 'The Langtrees NEWS Darwin: Perth: Canberra:' started by Mary-Anne K, Dec 19, 2008.


Which is your first & second chioce?

  1. Asian ladies

    135 vote(s)
  2. Australian Ladies to 35

    221 vote(s)
  3. Mature ladies 35 Plus

    97 vote(s)
  4. BBW Ladies Larger fuller figures

    42 vote(s)
  5. Massage Ladies that do not offer full service

    64 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    I am interested in what type of ladies clients are looking for.
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  2. johnlou

    johnlou Staff Member Forum Manager

    hi Maryanne : the answer to yr question is ? 4 me is "that depends on my mood " @ the time :) :)
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  3. Babes Promotions

    Babes Promotions Silver Member

    I like an older woman, they dont tell, dont smell and go like hell!
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  4. Royce12

    Royce12 Guest

    I personally like 21 to 23 y,o gals who provide an excellent service with big bust.

    I also like 18 y,o innocent gals with petitie body who try 2 please ...
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  5. osscar

    osscar Silver Member

    im with royce 18 to 20 with slim figures and surprisingly i like small breasted women as for nationality aussie is best but its not the defining factor, a connectin is sooo important
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  6. buckland boy

    buckland boy Silver Member

    I prefer women around the 30 age group but then I am 50. A 20 year old would be a bit too young for me. Just an age gap thing.
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  7. Mark Ian

    Mark Ian Guest

    I am 54, was seeing 50 year olds when I was 30. Now I enjoy women from 29 to 55. It depends very much on the personality of the lady.
    My best oral sex was with a 45-50 year old lady who knew exactly what to do to bring me to climax.
    I have, over the years, seen many women from 18 up, I enjoy the occasional 20 year old, but keep going back to more mature women.
    Naturally I am speaking of prostitutes, not many chances for a 54 year old to 'dip the wick' with someone 30 years my junior, without dollars changing hands.
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  8. stormline

    stormline Guest

    very interesting question maryanne,i personally dont take age into it to much.i have seen girls that are advertised around 25 and usually are in there 30s.i have found most young girls have very limited experience,and most just want to get it over and done with.so for me its more the women that does enjoy doing her job,so i guess anyone 25 or upwards seem to give a much better service,but then again not all.i am not into large girls(sorry nothing wrong with them just my preference).i like a woman who looks after her body and some are lucky and dont have to do that much as they just have that natural thing goin on.yes i do like thai girls mainly because of there olive skin and most hold there age very well and usually go off in bed,so its very hard to pick a thai girls age.alot of women seem to be jelous of these girls though i have found.then theres the mature aussie girl in there 30s and 40s that can give a mind blowing service.so i think most of all its how you connect with some girls.i definately like a girl that gives a pss to a gfe service.so once again that comes bac to how you connect with the girl.im 50 and have had girls 25 that dont think a guy thats 50 can keep it up like a guy in there 20tos30s and have been blown away that some of us can.(not being big headed) but thats happened to me alot of times.so i would have to say different strokes for different folks,thats how its always been for me....
  9. mohikh

    mohikh Guest

    I like young Japanese girls..
  10. osscar

    osscar Silver Member

    ive never experienced a japanese girl but ive heard they are hard to find and they usually turn out to be korean or chinese, not that thats a problem. i look forward to seeing a genuine japanese lady as usually they are petit and sweet. and leeds would be appreciated
  11. George07

    George07 Bronze Member

    Variety is the spice of life. I tend to look for someone who is different from the previous time. The problem I found last time in Perth was every add in the west seemed to be asian even if they didn't advertise themselves being asian.
  12. milf_hungry

    milf_hungry Guest

    I have a think for older ladies
    35 and up and Im 19
    Just something that turns me on
  13. Late 20s with some expirience. Some intelligence and personality go a long way.
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  14. mick7

    mick7 Silver Member

    I like ladies 35+ around size 12-16 with ample boobs and hopefully someone thats easy to talk to.
    they dont have to be ravishingly beautiful just someone i am attracted to.

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  15. happytimes

    happytimes what you see is wat you get and alot more Legend Member

    I have found i have had the best service from ladies 25 and over.
    Though i do prefer petite slim ladies with no disrespect to bigger girls.
    As i am only on the smallish size body i like my women the same.
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  16. David_San

    David_San Gold Member

    I've only punted a couple times and mostly I seek out the older working lady maybe cos im sexually a bit repressed having an older lady is a bit more comforting as she is no doubt well versed in what she does and usually when I walk in I seem to get a heap more attention from the older working ladies.
  17. wa_guy1975

    wa_guy1975 Guest

    something about late 30s to mid 40s that is damm sexy, they just ooz sex appeal
  18. Bluegrass9

    Bluegrass9 Legend Member

    I use to always go to for full service.
    However the last three months I prefer a massage, spa and rub and tug.

    I have found and enjoy a lady in her 30's but have tried ladies 18. Yes I am a lot older and yes there a generation gap when being with a lady 18.

    Nothing is more enjoyable sharing a spa, and having a massage with a beautiful lady. Also you enjoy the lady and she is not just a hole to release your built up sex drive.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2009
  19. 23+ for me. 35+ is pushing it though. Like a firm body
  20. osscar

    osscar Silver Member

    hi bluegrass im with you ther im looking to return to massages can you recomend anyone
  21. silverado

    silverado Guest

    Well I would go for ladies 35+.
    I like a woman with her pussy shaved sometimes for a change, but would rather have my women au natural.
    I even find underarm hair erotic.
  22. wildone

    wildone Guest

    20-30 but also keen on trying 40-50
  23. mow111

    mow111 Silver Member

    Im 30 and only try my luck with women over 40 and size 10 - 12 they have great sex appeal and have to have natual breats no fake titties
  24. makurpuswet

    makurpuswet Guest

    I usually prefer 30 and up ,they seem to be alot more fun and easier to talk to . Preferer a nice set of breasts and a nice shaped ass ,but not into big women .
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  25. Maxxy

    Maxxy Silver Member

    Asian ladies in the 20 - 30 range is my main like but there is nothing like a lady in the 45 - 60 age group, especially one that has looked after her body (Kerri-Anne Kennerley comes to mind).
  26. flash111au

    flash111au Silver Member

    I would like to experience an encounter (full service) with a female in the 18 - 25 age range. Just to enjoy the pleasure of a young tight body.

    I haven't had that experience since I was in that age group myself many moons ago. That is to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with a sexual encounter with a more mature lady. I have had some very satisfying sex of late with ladies in the upper 40s to 50s age group. Older women (who know what they want) are like a fine wine that matures with age and delivers an enjoyable outcome.

    A couple of months ago I went to a Rub n Tug establishment (my first time ever) whilst in Melbourne and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Caressing that young female (25 yo) body in the spa was heavenly.

    Just like to experience the sexual pleasure of a younger female before I depart this earth or can't do it any more. Like another member has posted, once you get into your 50s one will have to pay for the service, as it is most unlikely to meet a willing participant in that age group that will play with a much older man.
  27. letthefunbegin

    letthefunbegin Silver Member

    i like all females that look after there hi-gene , cant stand bi on a chic, or for that matter even on a guy yuck......and i do prefer Australian , American ,European, females...
  28. cleondann

    cleondann Guest

    No doubt Asian ladies. Combined activities with sex toys also very popular nowadays.
  29. dc_069

    dc_069 Bronze Member

    I love to have some fun with a cute young blonde. Drives me crazy :)
  30. freakyfun

    freakyfun Guest

    Hi All,

    For me it has to be 25-32ish...... at this age they are still youthful but have experiance and know how to enjoy sex!

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