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Funny jokes

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by mikemightberight, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. mikemightberight

    mikemightberight Silver Member

    Did you hear what Stevie Wonder thought about his birthday present when he got a cheese grater?
    He said it was the most horrific novel he has ever read!

    What's black and screams?
    Stevie Wonder answering his iron! ;);):)
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  2. john doe112

    john doe112 Bronze Member

    Very good, I really like what you did here
  3. homer

    homer Doh! Legend Member

    somewhat funny
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  4. Logan 2

    Logan 2 Staff Member Silver Member

    • A little girl and boy are fighting about the differences between the sexes, and which one is better. Finally, the boy drops his pants and says, “Here’s something I have that you’ll never have!” The little girl is pretty upset by this, since it is clearly true, and runs home crying. A while later, she comes running back with a smile on her face. She drops her pants and says, “My mommy says that with one of these, I can have as many of those as I want!”

  5. Logan 2

    Logan 2 Staff Member Silver Member

    If a firefighters business can go up in smoke, and a plumbers business can go down the drain, can a hooker get layed off?
  6. Rachy

    Rachy Staff Member Legend Member

    What do you call a mountain of cats?

    A meowntain


  7. bepp

    bepp Feelthy old bugga Legend Member


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