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«Dubai escort Job Exchange» — this is the name of girls who leave for Arab countries with the aim of "easy" earnings. Appearance as from the picture (well-groomed hair, plump lips, languid look), framed by Cartier bracelets, Prada bags and Bottega Veneta sandals.

She is rarely in a hurry. Mostly engaged only in his Instagram account and sports. Sleep until noon. Life on the "subsidy from the sheikh" seems cloudless, like the sky in Dubai. However, we know that the scorching sun is often much more insidious than rain.

A small digression. Recently, a well-known media personality dedicated a post to her daughter in which she sincerely wished her to grow up and choose “Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Hawaii or Mentawa over Dubai and Monaco” when choosing travel destinations.

We thought: do girls and transsexuals who go on vacation to the resorts of the UAE or the Cote d'Azur really have a certain reputation? Why exactly in these places there are many stereotypes (and sometimes justified ones) about easily accessible beauties, generous men and, in general, an easy, understandable life with rules as old as the world. Photos against the backdrop of "Sail", dinners in Michelin restaurants, parties on yachts and endless "Aperol" in a glass. What happened?

The real answer to this rhetorical question PEOPLETALK found in the stories of girls who provide escort services in Dubai, and at the same time found out why this particular city is considered the most attractive place for representatives of this craft.

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Shemale escort Dubai

Why Dubai?

As the manager of the famous escort agency Andrei told us, in fact, the popularity of Dubai as a place to earn money is easily explained. “Firstly, the holiday season is long, and one international passport is enough for entry (well, and a PCR test lately). Secondly, the city is strongly promoted by the girls themselves, who have not heard about other directions, and if they have heard, then not in such detail.

“Dear” Dubai has been studied by more than one generation of girls - they know fishing spots, generous “golden antelopes” (among which there are almost more of our compatriots than cherished sheikhs), cozy apartments and conscientious managers. Andrei told us: “The budgets of girls there are sometimes even lower than escort in Moscow. If in the capital an hour of work costs $1,000 net, then in Dubai it costs $700-800.”

We all remember from the school curriculum that demand creates supply. Not surprisingly, budgets are somewhat lower than in the old days. “Because for every 10 girls, there are nine guys.” The competition is incredible. Yes, there are many who want to have fun with a beauty without burdening themselves with relationships, but there are even more hunters for wealth. And they all come to that narrow circle of establishments in which the powerful of this world feel like in the market - they choose only the most beautiful fruits and the freshest meat. One disagrees, the other says yes. The girls have a specific goal - to get the maximum possible amount from the client. Because we have to share. With whom? With a manager, of course.

Why is a manager needed?

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Mostly girls carry out their duties through managers. Managers work according to different schemes: some tell the girls the net amount in hand (that is, the client pays the agent and the girl separately), others deduct the percentage (everything is also individual here, from 5 to 30% of the fee), and the girl herself must transfer the amount to the card manager.

True, some still try to deceive the agent. The manager Alina told us: “Usually, the scheme is as follows: the girls fly to the customer, they cannot buy a ticket and look for a manager who will buy it on credit. Then, upon arrival, they are “lost” at the airport. This happens, unfortunately, but infrequently. Someone throws such girls into blacklists, probably right. We are large enough to just tolerate these risks. Well, the girl did just that, well, the flag is in her hands. Karma will catch up."

Yes, those who have potential but no funds, agencies help. Moreover, escorts rent apartments on account of the money they earn. For example, the cost of living per month is 3,500 dirhams (about $950). This price includes accommodation in an apartment for two girls, swimming pool, gym, meals, security and driver services. Agencies receive a percentage only from the fees of the girl, and do not claim everything that she receives from the man.

The danger is that you may stumble upon an unscrupulous agency that will not take care not only of the reward, but even of the safety of the ward. After all, there are absolutely no guarantees that, having arrived in Dubai, you will not find yourself in slavery. Se la vie, as they say. Therefore, in order to somehow protect themselves, workers of the oldest profession are looking for agents with the help of word of mouth and forums. Manager Andrei says: “Social networks work great, Instagram is especially convenient: a couple of tags, geolocation, concise description and a lot of patience.”

What services are included in an escort?

We don’t know about you, but sometimes direct messages about easy money come to our editorial office: “We invite you to a party! Accompaniment of influential men, strictly without intimacy. $1,000 fee." We don’t know who buys such cheese in a mousetrap, but, in fairness, we cannot fail to mention that an escort does not necessarily include sex. There really is a “no sleep” option: business meetings, extras at a party, dinner at a restaurant. But the payment will be correspondingly low. With a thirst for profit, the majority can no longer be limited to formal dinners without continuation.

We have collected very different stories of four girls working in Dubai and an escort manager who knows the business from the inside.

I ended up in Dubai on purpose. I heard enough stories from already working girls, read forums. The first time was very scary, despite the fact that I already knew a lot from others. But there were terrible thoughts: what if I fall into slavery or be sold for organs.

But she took the risk. While still in the car, the driver told me to get in quickly, and literally an hour later I already had my first client. Of course, I was shocked and panicked. But there was nowhere to go, so I quickly packed up. I was brought to a party, brought to a client, and hand in hand with him, I spent four hours on my feet. At the end of the evening, he offered to relax in his apartment, because he knew that I did not interfere, and said that he would pay for the extra time. But I turned everything into a joke and went home to sleep. This experience overwhelmed me: all these people at the party, the standard of living ... This is what I want and without which I cannot. It's impossible to explain. In Russia, this will never happen to an ordinary girl. They gave me phones, jewelry and very expensive accessories.

For the first time in a night with a client, I received $8,000. The second time 16 thousand dollars. Now I don't even think about it.

Now I am saving up money, saving up for an apartment, but I quickly spent the first fee on all sorts of nonsense, I bought everything I saw, collected gifts home.

Of course, I hide my activities from relatives. I am an English teacher by education, but I have not received a diploma yet. I tell my mom that during the summer and holidays they are invited to work with the family, work with the children and look after them, she says. Other friends and relatives too. Of course, it's hard for me to keep all my feelings inside and constantly live a double life. But our city is small, everyone knows me only from the positive side, they do not doubt that I am good, but I do not want to disappoint them. I don’t know how much longer I will accompany, I will work as long as there is a demand for me. When I feel like I'm not being quoted anymore, I'll stop. It's a pity to look at women over 30 who come and just agree to everything, so that everyone pays attention. You must know when to stop.