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Selling your soul to the Devil

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Zeus, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    I knew you would like my selfie - dearest- .......you should see me when I let my hair down.........wow
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  2. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    Ahhhhh HP, forget the melons, so over rated........I am definitely more a citrus person..........

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  3. Tania

    Tania Staff Member Moderator

    And this is the kind of banter that made me fall in love with the Forum way back :p

    I guess in some ways I sold my soul to the Forum, stole it back, Forum got it again, and repeat :shame:;):p:kiss:
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  4. Suzette

    Suzette Silver Member

    I have a couple of melons I would like to reduce and I don't mean to eat.
  5. happypirate

    happypirate Old pirate Staff Member Forum Manager

    Ahoy;- "Would I sell my Soul", for a Blonde, on a sandy beach, who has Melon`s and a Bottle of Rum.........Hmmmmmmm a winning combination for Meeeee

  6. Chantelle James

    Chantelle James VIP Companion Moderator

    As the Devil approached with his generous offer for my Soul.. I smirk and say " NO DEAL " and here I am....

    F..k the Devil.. Only some things have a price..
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  7. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    Tell me about it Sister!!
    The price of that shirt and tie combo at Platinum menswear??

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