Please Take Action This Flu Season!

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  1. dylansdelights

    dylansdelights Miss Delights Xx Gold Member

    As always everything is always understood & appreciated better in hindsight!! But please don't be foolish like me... Go & get a flu shot! It is not a 100% guarantee for all strains but it is a damn good insurance policy along with other precautions you can take!

    You can book in at Chemist Warehouse for a flu shot & it only costs $10.99!!

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    I have suffered from many horrible colds but haven't endured the flu for over a decade & have been a sceptic of flu shots... But after contracting this years flu strain & doing some research I can assure you all from now on I will be implementing a proactive approach to the flu season! That's for sure!

    Don't forget your vitamins & natural supplements are a must too for maintaining a healthy & strong immune system! Taking a good muti + probiotic are a must... But during colder months adding in echinacea, garlic, ginger and vitamin C is a must! Along with good hygiene (hand washing/sanitizing shared work spaces)

    Also just as a warning to you all; My onset symptoms where that of food poisoning/gastro which progressed to what I though was a head cold so was not expecting to have been the flu... Last year nationwide it killed over 500people so it can be deadly especially to children & elderly!

    Take care everybody & stay healthy :) Xx

    What are your thoughts on the flu shot? Or experiences with this years flu? Or even just best prevention tips/remedies? Would love to hear?
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  2. Elizabeth1

    Elizabeth1 Silver Member

    I will never have another flu-shot as the the very 1st and only I've had made me feel like death warmed up. Never ever again!!!! that was in 1999 and never again. I was younger fitter but I have never sicker in my life. I just ride with the punchies
  3. happypirate

    happypirate Old pirate Staff Member Forum Manager

    Ahoy;- I agree with Elizabeth1.
    I used to take regular yearly flu-shots and always aware that you may get a bad reaction due to the shot.
    Finally I did get hit by the shot.
    Never-never-never again.
  4. ozwarlock67

    ozwarlock67 Gold Member

    I think 1979 may have been the last time I had a shot.
    I reckon I've had the flu twice in my adult life.

    I'm scared shitless of needles so it just won't happen.
  5. Sherry

    Sherry Staff Member Legend Member

    I get mine regularly every year after being really sick with the flu one year. After the first flu shot and I did get sick but I had heard that can happen. Every year after that though and I have been fine-might get a sore throat or slight cold but nothing major. I can't handle being sick so I make sure I book it in as soon as it's available.
    If you do get a bad flu then I recommend a product called armaforce available from chemists and health food store-all natural and actually works.
  6. bepp

    bepp Feelthy old bugga Legend Member

    Wow!!!!....a tuffie
  7. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    I never thought about flu vaccination until I was knocked off my feet a few years back. I was literally out of order for the best part of 9 days. Scary experience.
    Since then I do get my flu shot religiously every year. So far I didn't have any side effects, not even a soure throat.

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