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How Langtrees got its name

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Lillie Langtry

    Langtrees was named after Lillie Langtry (1853 – 1929), the famous high-society Victorian beauty. Mary-Anne pinched the lithograph of Lillie (picture left) from her grandfather. When she was trying to think of a name for her new bordello, an exhausted Mary-Anne looked up at Lillie’s picture and said “Come on, give me a hand!” Although Lillie didn’t answer, Mary-Anne took her surname anyway. Langtrees was born.
    Mary-Anne discovered two years later that she had spelt the name of the brothel incorrectly.
    Lillie was not available for comment. The lovely Lillie was a much admired English actress. It was rare for a woman of such high social standing to appear on the stage at the time. Known as ‘the Jersey Lily’ on account of her beauty and her birthplace, she toured the United States with her own theatre company and performed in Britain and South Africa. For a time she was the mistress of the Prince of Wales, who later reigned as King Edward V11. The Prince publicly acknowledged her as his lover, a most unusual step for a member of the royal family.

    Lillie refused to live her life within the boundaries imposed on women by Victorian society. Not content just to be just a pretty face, Lillie was an astute businesswoman with wide ranging financial interests. She mixed with influential men on their level, started a winery in America and owned racehorses.

    Lillie was a busy girl with a big fortune. A bit like Mary-Anne perhaps?

    Welcome To the World of Langtrees
    It is with great pleasure that I invite you to take a peek Behind Closed Doors and visit my beautiful bordello in the West Australian Goldfields. You’ll meet some amazing characters and learn a little about the history of the sex industry.

    I became a sex worker at the age of 27 in New Zealand, where I was born. When I moved to Australia two years later I bought my first escort agency. Now I am the owner of Langtrees, Perth, the largest brothel in Western Australia. We have 17 rooms and up to 30 girls working at peak times.
    In the year 2000, I redeveloped Langtrees, Kalgoorlie, creating the only working brothel museum in the world. Designed for tourists, working girls and clients, my six million dollar bordello has become a leading tourist attraction. Over 12,000 tourists a year visit the Kalgoorlie brothel for guided tours. I started doing the tours because the general public has always been fascinated by the sex industry. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to take a peak behind closed doors? Our visitors find the tours interesting, eye-opening and educational.

    On the political front, I am constantly pushing for the legalisation of prostitution in Western Australia. For 20 years brothel and escort agency owners and operators have worked with the authorities without a written law. This has been confusing and frustrating for all concerned.

    With legalisation, standards can be regulated and upheld by those in charge, creating a safer environment for sex workers. As a result of my innovative approach to the sex industry, I was awarded the ‘Sex Worker of the Year 2000’ trophy in London. I believe in an open and honest approach to the sex industry. Hence I am launching the Langtrees.com website, which will provide adult education and entertainment. You may even learn a few tricks of the trade …

    Behind Closed Doors is a bedtime story with no fairytales. Enjoy.
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  2. cornchip

    cornchip Guest

    Well done Maryanne. I think you are an amazing human being.
  3. Sir Stefan

    Sir Stefan Agent Provocateur Legend Member

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  4. Screwdriver

    Screwdriver Guest

    Wow very informative good work!
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  5. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    I'm always amazed how such unassuming names can have
    such a link to our past
    It is good we can keep our history alive without having
    read musty old history books
    Better place than school to learn history too
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  6. Sir Stefan

    Sir Stefan Agent Provocateur Legend Member

    And that picture of Lillie Langtry, currently gracing my board room...will soon be returned to it's rightful spot, in the foyer of Langtrees, when Mary-Anne returns to once again personally manage her establishment 'Hands-On'
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  7. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    Awesome, very educational. Always wondered about the name......something exquisite about it......perfect name for a brothel.
  8. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    To hang Lily back in the foyer is our very first mission on Friday night.She brings good luck and as she hasn't been getting any for three years very horny so i expect a queue on Friday Night. LOL
  9. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    I guess she (Lily) can't wait until it is Friday night. Let's make it an event!!!!!!!!! :eek:)
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  10. Charlie57

    Charlie57 Gold Member

    Well done! I salute effort and trust you are being rewarded for all your boundless energy.
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  11. Juicy Lucy

    Juicy Lucy Gold Member

    Awsome place to work and visit
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  12. sexmelexi

    sexmelexi Guest

    I agree with juicy lucy!!!! i love the staff and the girls here... thumbs up all round!!!!
  13. Sex Couple

    Sex Couple Guest

    Must say that I agree.
  14. Lacey-Paige

    Lacey-Paige Bronze Member

    I love this educational post, Mary-Anne. I didn't know there was a 'Sex Worker of the Year' trophy! That is excellent and I'm happy your hard work has been rewarded.
    I've just started in this industry and am enjoying it immensely. I'm with you 100% in an open and honest approach to the sex industry and may it go forth and prosper. Especially in W.A where I recently read in the newspaper there are 30,000 more males than females here.
    The sex industry is thriving!
    Lacey Paige
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  15. Bianca

    Bianca Gold Member

    It is such an amazing privilege to work at Langtrees with now understanding the amazing history about Lilly,this is such a rewarding opportunity to work in a Brothel with class, a owner who is passionate about pushing for the legalization of prostitution in WA. I am looking forward to going to check out kalgoorlie and will intend to do the guided tour....
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  16. plumber

    plumber Guest

    I remember my first visit to Kalgoorlie many years ago. I was with some Americans who were instrumental in setting up new farming areas in Esperance. We toured Hay St and they wanted to take photos.... so we stopped to let them. Bad mistake...... we were set upon by Punters and Ladies alike....... we took off LOL. Obviously, it was taboo then.... is it still like that.... no photos I mean.... they were sitting outside their rooms in those days.
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  17. Fleur

    Fleur Bronze Member

    wow interesting :) good read!
  18. Dasiy

    Dasiy Bronze Member

    Very Interesting reading, we often wonder "what's in a name".
  19. Langtrees VIP Perth 3

    Langtrees VIP Perth 3 Legend Member

    Absolutely fascinating. If only walls could talk. I like many other sex workers, researched brothels and their owners to make the big decision to move to Perth and work at Langtrees.
    The internet is flooded with information about Langtrees and MaryAnne (not always flattering)
    The history of Langtrees was fascinating but the business mind and share determination of MaryAnne Kenworthy had me glued to the computer.
    When I think back to my early years as a sex worker I remember how hard it was. I also remember that the sex industry was primarily run by men. But Maryanne was there and is till this day. All those men that controlled our prices and bodies gone never to be seen again.
    I believe that Langtrees of Perth has become one of the finest bordello's in the world. I answer phone calls daily from many girls from the northern hemisphere planning to spend thousands to travel here to Langtrees to work.
    So yes I am a proud member of Maryannes staff and I hope to have a little of her knowledge rub off on me. There is no airs and graces she calls it like it is. xx
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  20. Dallas

    Dallas Legend Member

    As a client I had a similar experience when I decided to visit my first w/l last year and I researched ladies and venues all over Australia wanting to find the best lady and brothel and settled on Langtrees of Perth and wonderful lady by the name of Danni. I'll never forget the first time I walked in the door, it was so exciting and then when I was greeted and finally met my met my lady that I'd spent months narrowing down out of hundreds of profiles, it was one of the best moments in my life. She was everything I'd hoped for and more and the place it'self just gave me the warmest and most comfortable feeling which I totally didn't expect. I have returned many times since and I just love the place :)
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  21. SAO26.2

    SAO26.2 Wink. I'll Do the Rest Gold Member

    In Texas there's a town called Langtry, and one of the original saloons in that town was the Jersey Lillie. Both were named in honor of Lillie Langtry by Roy Bean, a legendary Texas "hanging" judge who proclaimed himself as the only law West of the Pecos in the late 19th century.

    Judge Roy Bean fell in love with Lillie Langtry after seeing a portrait of her. Although he never met her, he was obsessed with her the rest of his life. He frequently wrote her and often sent her gifts, including a live bear from West Texas - but it escaped before she got it.

    Out of love for Lillie, Judge Roy Bean renamed his town and his favorite saloon for her, and he dispensed justice in her name.

    Lillie eventually travelled to the town Judge Roy Bean named for her, but the Judge died before she arrived. The town gave Lillie the Judge's gun, which is now on display in a museum in Jersey.

    There's an old Paul Newman movie about the story.

    It's a story that all Texas schoolkids are taught, and one of the many legends that make Texans so proud of their state.
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  22. Madam Leigh

    Madam Leigh Silver Member

    I am so Proud and happy to read all these post on what Mary-anne has done in Kalgoorlie,Perth and now
    Canberra.I have had the opportunity to be a part of Kalgoorlie and now Canberra,exciting times for one and all.
    Up up and away ,where next,?.
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  23. homer

    homer Doh! Legend Member

    Interesting history lesson. :bookworm:
  24. Linda

    Linda The Wild Child Legend Member

    indeed where next
    where ever it is mary-anne
    i be there to lend a hand
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  25. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze Purple Haze Silver Member

    I have been working for Mary-Anne for nearly 4 years now. Wasn't until a few days ago, during one of our in-depth discussions, I understood why she is in Canberra. The Brothel is but a stepping stone to the Mountain she's going to gain. So Miss Langtrees will surely help her get there going from State to State, Country to Country. Way to go MAK
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  26. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Linda i expect you to be a Madam one day in the far future.
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  27. saab95tony

    saab95tony Silver Member

    Hello Mary Anne,I love that you have named Langrees from the Lady that was Lilliee Langtree the mistress of Edwarard V11 .She was so famous in her time .Queen Victoria hatred her because of her relationship with her son .The future king of England.This is one famous lady .if you don't know who she is you are very strange.I read up about her in my school day and when doing history and things about Victorian Emgland.This is my favorite part if history .I love Victorian England so much .I build a period house which is designed from Victorian England .So every time I come to Langrees I will try to thick of how it was in the 1800. Thanks
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  28. Delilah

    Delilah Silver Member

    I love knowing a bit of the history behind where I work, I often wondered why 'Langtrees'. Thank you for your hard work in creating a better, safer working world for us girls. I think you will be going to H Heaven! x
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  29. laceyjoy

    laceyjoy Guest

    hi Mary-Anne, im the new day girl Lacey, thanks so much much for explaining the name.I have been wondering where it came from. Its an awesome story. Girl power.
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  30. Carmenlangtrrees

    Carmenlangtrrees Bronze Member

    Absolutely agree Lacey Joy..a history behind the mystery of Langtrees. I love it xxxx
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