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Favourite Massage Oils !!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Chantelle James, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Chantelle James

    Chantelle James VIP Companion Moderator

    I find Almond Oil ( less scented than Coconut Oil ) and Coconut Oil are the nourishing on the skin and wash out easily from linen :)
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  2. bepp

    bepp Feelthy old bugga Legend Member

    Could've sworn Main st Ossie Park at one stage used oil hi in viscosity pretty close to vegetable oil n it stank like it too
  3. Chantelle James

    Chantelle James VIP Companion Moderator

    I have found a NEW Favorite Massage Oil - Cucumber Melon by " inttimo .... good enough to eat...:)
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  4. Sherry

    Sherry Staff Member Legend Member

    Is that the one being discontinued? If so we will need to find a new one.
    Body shop have some nice oils and you can add any fragrance to them as well. For sensual massage though something unscented is best-I do like the almond oil too and apricot oil is another nice one.
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