Apps To Find Escorts? Have you used one?

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  1. Tania

    Tania Staff Member Moderator

    Last night I was reading about (the article was a couple of years old) a company in Germany which was developing an app for people to find escorts.
    (Source )

    I am curious if any of our members have traveled to Germany and used an App like this?

    If so what were your experiences?

    If not would you use an App like this to find an Escort or Ladies working near your location?
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  2. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    my understanding was google did not allow apps for escort business.Need Aaron to update us.
  3. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    That sounds rather interesting. Bummer, I didn't know about it a couple of months ago.
  4. Sherry

    Sherry Staff Member Legend Member

    Interesting article and I love the name "ohlala":D Such a geat idea-be interesting to hear how it all goes. Hopefully they will have a follow up story.

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