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What went wrong? TiS + LTs offline

Discussion in 'ADMIN NEWS: TIPS: SHORTCUTS: HELP' started by Joe Ozzie, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. Joe Ozzie

    Joe Ozzie Gold Member

    So what happened?

    Offline for a couple of day.

  2. happypirate

    happypirate Old pirate Staff Member Forum Manager

    Ahoy;- Well, Meeeeeee and 'The Server" nickname, Jazzy Jess, had a little Rum Party.
    Anyway, the Rum Party had a huge effect on "The Server" Jazzy Jess, so its has taken a few days for Jazzy Jess to start working normally again.
    Ahhhhhh Technology and Rum, does not mix well.
    Cheers and Pass the Rum
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  3. westy

    westy Mouse chasing Pussy Legend Member

    Dot,dot,dash,dash....... Now here is the news. Will someone please provide a sensible explanation? Pissy Pirates aren't reliable.:p
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  4. XLNC

    XLNC Whatever happened to FREE love? Legend Member

    I think what h/p is trying to say is that he was tired and emotional at the end of a long week and tripped over the power cord, but didn't realise it until he woke up after the weekend. :rolleyes:
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  5. homer

    homer Doh! Legend Member

    Oi HP...have you been taking Jazzy Jess from behind again causing her to gape and loses connection again? :eek::eek::eek:
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