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Sex Worker Client Poll -What do you PREFER

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Dec 12, 2008.


What is your preference?

  1. Hand Relief Parlours

    127 vote(s)
  2. Full Service Establishments

    174 vote(s)
  3. Escort Agencies

    47 vote(s)
  4. Private Operators

    221 vote(s)
  5. Never used any

    37 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Kylie Middleton

    Kylie Middleton Silver Member

    How much do you think is reasonable to pay for a private WL? I've seen prices range from $170-$600 for the hour but I've never worked privately so I have always wondered what people consider a reasonable rate.
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  2. Rod

    Rod Silver Member

    If you're local, $300 - $500/hr. Touring ladies from interstate can charge another $100 extra. That's just my opinion.
  3. Phoebe

    Phoebe Legend Member

    Anything over $500 I demand perfection no fake profiles, no lying on services, I demand a 5 star residence, I demand finer things in the shower, The time starts when you walk into her bedroom NOT the shower, her phone is out of the room and OFF, and really at that price anything goes (condoms used for oral and sex) she doesn't charge extras, if you ask her to your 5 star hotel within the city CDB this is part of her $500 fee as the max taxi fare would be $40 max even after midnight.

    And if you see her as a regular then say the 10th booking should be at 50% discounted rate as sign of thanks as this is after all a commercial agreement.

    If you are paying more than $600 then PSE/GFE/Anal/golden showers should be all included in that fee, and she should look like a film star or a woman that is purely unattainable in normal every day life, so degree educated, intelligent, beautiful so she can accompany you to say business functions and hold her own conversations so a true escort/companion in the true sense of the word, and a woman that no one in that room knows is an escort.

    Plus a WL whom is charging over $500 should never ever smell of cigarette smoke or even smoke before, after or during a booking unless she is offered one by her client, and the same for alcohol that's my take on it....
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  4. Rod

    Rod Silver Member

    Well said Phoebe. Couldn't agree more.
  5. AxeMan

    AxeMan Legend Member

    I have never paid above $350. I would go to $400 but I haven't yet seen a girl worth it from her ad alone.

    But really it doesn't matter what I consider reasonable. It's what the market overall determines a woman can charge. There are touring escorts who charge in excess of $1,000 an hour and some guys will pay and claim it was worth every dollar buy I have my doubts.
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  6. Phoebe

    Phoebe Legend Member

    Its funny that is all comes down to price. I know this first hand one parlor in Northern Sydney dropped its rates to under $300 per hour guess what they had more clients and those clients keep coming back same girls there as when they charged over $300 same rooms, The receptionist said it was the clients mindset of paying under $300 per hour even if it was $20 under that $300, they said it was just mind set.
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  7. purplefixer

    purplefixer Silver Member

    This is why prices in the US are 19.99, or 17.95. They're usually mark-ups of 20% or more, but they put it on the line so that it seems 'less'. There's a noted psychological impact to not saying 'twenty dollars'.

    Of course, America still prints pennies, and that's why...
  8. garthius

    garthius Bronze Member

    I tried a private escort once and she was nothing like she claimed. At least double her age and treated me like a timer...

    I have tried Yimis before and the girl was amazing. Sure, I can't eat her out like i'd love to, but, everything else was amazing
  9. Phoebe

    Phoebe Legend Member


    Look at the websites in oz then look at the same sites in London, the girls there post better images, not many compared to here, have fake tits, plumped up lips, fake eye lashes, hair extensions, and are full of Botox, dyed hair that needs root jobs done badly, even the girls twitter feeds in the UK is : a nice picture on each day with I am available from say 7am to 10pm today central London 5 star hotel that's it, here we get look at me coming out of the gym, enjoying a smoothie, look at what my last lover bought me 'jealous" and with all other pictures and the worse thing is posting SMS's of clients that is awful and shows the mentality of these so called professional working ladies, so what is the client was bad or sent you a dick pic deal with it, don't post it for the world to see.. maybe the working ladies in the UK are too busy to constantly update twitter, Facebook and their own websites... food for thought!
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  10. Erl

    Erl Silver Member

    Definately private operators. And the selection seems to be growing each day.
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  11. Joe Ozzie

    Joe Ozzie Gold Member

    Private works best. You can engage better and tailor the session to what works for both of you
  12. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    Privates if you have time to plan ahead And as a regular it is often possible to get a rapport you wont get at a parlour

    But on the flip side If the mood strikes then a quality house is great as its like a Lilly shop So many treatise few dollars

    I've done the Asian houses and never again
  13. scavenger

    scavenger Gold Member

    I prefer escorts in a hotel room with a prior agreement of being able to knock em back until happy with the lady they present, , I like the lucky dip aspect that can lead to some pleasant surprises, not fussed with colour or creed, only stipulation is not over a real 30 WL yo,(=less than 27yo) clean and long-legged. A few I had more than once, but the GFE isn't my cuppa,, just business, they say "I got yer cash"!, I say "I had my way with ya"! , no one hurt = win win.
  14. LeCoqSportif

    LeCoqSportif What a coqup! Silver Member

    Haven't seen a sex worker in years. No hang on, that's not true - I've seen lots of them but just haven't patronized one as a client in yonks.
  15. LeCoqSportif

    LeCoqSportif What a coqup! Silver Member

    All that being said, I do have to wonder whether it's one of those "make up revenue via sales volume" things. That doesn't mean Langtrees should charge just $1 but I do wonder how many people can afford to pay $400 an hour either.

    I don't think their websites are up anymore (actually Casey's still is) and they charged $300 per hour which I suspect is more within reach of most workers. That of course could lead to charges for extras ranging from towels to kissing etc.

    The Langtrees model is aimed at the higher end of income earners but I guess that's up to all the number crunchers to work it out.

    Somewhere along the line then someone might agree that $400 at Langtrees is understandable - premises, this website, airconditioning etc has to be covered. And that's where people start questioning. It's understandable Langtrees is charging that much but why does a private charge that much when they don't have such high overhead costs?

    Just my 2 cents worth, I'm not an industry insider.
  16. ampmassageboy

    ampmassageboy Gold Member

    It's all to do with overheads, if rent is high, or mortgage, and you have lots of staff to answer calls and do background work, then your costs are a lot higher than a girl who rents an apartment for $300 per week and works on her own.

    Langtrees does attract the lookers for sure, also a lot of girls who flit from state to state and they can lay their heads there whilst still being available pretty much 24/7. They can get the bigger bucks. They have the highest overheads in WA by a fair bit I would guess.

    Anyone charging over $100 for 30 mins....should....be registered for GST so the first 1/11th of your money is going to the ATO. As of July 1 all companies paying PAYG need to be reporting that directly to the ATO as it's paid which makes cashies a lot harder as they have an ongoing record, which is the whole point.

    Your average AMP almost certainly, IMHO, declares a sub $75k revenue so no GST. They also take mainly cash so no PAYG paid. They also pay some tax......or maybe not, who knows.

    A private operator can probably make a reasonable living after costs. Depends whether they need to show an income for supporting a home loan etc. They may also be claiming benefits so only want to work in cash.

    With the cash-less society taking over slowly, their ability to spend more than $600 - $800 pw will become tricky as sooner or later someone from the ATO is going to ask how you can afford the goodies you have. Not a problem if you live for today and blow it today, more of an issue for someone working for a future outside the industry.

    The other issue is the business mentality of your average Chinese operator vs a let's say Aussie run business. One invests money to make money, one doesn't. Strange when you consider Western investing is supposed to be seen as short term, and Chinese as very long term.
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  17. Averagebloke

    Averagebloke Silver Member

    I would preferred to vote for full service establishment. Basically my experience with escort agencies have been great .

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