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  1. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Bronze Member

    Hi all,

    I'm 31 f baldivis and joining to hopefully find what it is I'm looking for. I'm bi and engaged to a gorgeous man so sorry guys I'm not looking for you. Also here to get as much info and share as much as I can to help others where possible. I'm a very sexual person and very open, probably too open sometimes to be honest. Anyway would love to meet some like minded ladies in Perth. Attached is a picture of myself and my partner. Feel free to get in touch. Til then take care xxx.

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  2. Mistress Lana

    Mistress Lana Fairy Godmother Staff Member Forum Manager

    welcome to the forum babe..... hope u find what you are looking for :D
  3. Madam Riah

    Madam Riah Forum Manager

    welcome to the forum babe - I am sure you will find a lot of open minded people on this forum ;)
  4. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Bronze Member

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I'm hoping that in a forum I won't come across as many fakes as I have done in the past in previous avenues I've tried xx.
  5. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome on board, I am sure you will get some interest on the forum ;)
  6. Sherry

    Sherry Staff Member Legend Member

    Welcome to the Forum:)great to have you join us! I'm sure you will enjoy spending time here and find everything you need. Make sure to join in and hopefully see you around here soon xx
  7. SD666

    SD666 Silver Member

    You can check out Kristy. She offer MFF experience if that what you are into.

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