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Inboxes, Conversations, direct PM's

Discussion in 'ADMIN NEWS: TIPS: SHORTCUTS: HELP' started by Scottyy, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. johnlou

    johnlou Staff Member Forum Manager

    hey Scotty i am all good . i have nothing to hide , some members think that us admin and mods are able to read all the pm's, anyway so why would that be any different to posting on the forum .
    no address need unless you doing an outcall :) :)

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  2. Scottyy

    Scottyy Guest

    I don't have anything to hide from the forum users either. Just trying to keep this thread on topic
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  3. Obbie

    Obbie Legend Member

    It was a harmless question that got thrown over board not sure why it was made out to be something that it wasn't oh well such is life !!
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  4. Scottyy

    Scottyy Guest

    So how have my inboxessss gone missing to my fellow members?
  5. Maria

    Maria Classy sassy and a little bit Assy Gold Member

    Hahaha I actually own this one lol
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  6. Rudyboy

    Rudyboy Legend Member

    ...why am I not surprised by this Maria after your flashing yesterday LOL
  7. JustMe

    JustMe Gold Member

    I've got that one too.
    Oh sorry. Your talking about the movie. (I thought you were talking about the weapon).
    My bad.
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