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Ever wanted to scream or fight the boss???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by billybones, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. billybones

    billybones Thrillseeker Legend Member

    Just got back home from work feeling a little hot under the collar...
    I mean, the boss gives a couple staff members holidays but still expects the same amount of work done within the same of time...

    Have you ever been tempted to tell the boss where to go??

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  2. homer

    homer Doh! Legend Member

    well i felt like firing the company i worked for, but chicken little tells me thats not logical when one needs to be paid...
  3. that guy28

    that guy28 Langtrees Graphics Gold Member

    Of course not.

    Here we have the most wonderful boss ever.

    I am definitely writing this of my own free will.
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  4. Gentleman

    Gentleman Guest

    As the hands around your neck slowly release their grip.:laughing4
  5. Gentleman

    Gentleman Guest

    I told the boss what I thought of him once but it came back to bite me in a roundabout way. It felt good doing it though!
  6. AlexandraSilk

    AlexandraSilk Private Girl Legend Member

    Yes absolutely. That's one of the reasons I work for myself.
    Then the only person I can blame on my bad day at work is myself.
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  7. M Sue

    M Sue Legend Member

    Glad you feel that way !! That guy !! Because there is never any stress at our job and we all speak with up most respect!!
  8. M Sue

    M Sue Legend Member

    Did any one else want to comment!!!!!! Lol !!!!
  9. Fudd

    Fudd Full Member Legend Member

    ....same here.....actually, when I reflect on it, that idiot actually did me a favour as I would not have been motivated to go work for myself had it not been for that trumped up twat of a boss.....am so glad that I did.... :)
  10. Contrarian

    Contrarian Guest

    10 years ago I'd sold my house and had half a million dollars in the bank. I had just started working for this guy who turned out to be an absolute arsehole. I still run into colleagues from that tiny company (only 5 of us there) who tell me how much they felt this guy was picking on me unfairly.

    Anyway, pay day came and I asked for permission to go the bank, cashed my cheque and went home and had a nice long nap, got up and had lunch and my phone rang.

    Me: Hello!
    Boss: X!
    Me: Yes!
    Boss: It's me Y.
    Me: Y who?
    Boss: Y from YKW company.
    Me: Oh hi!
    Boss: X! You said you needed an hour or so to go to the bank and you still haven't come back and that was hours ago. Are you running late, coming back or what?
    Me: Tell you what Y, you can go and f**k yourself and stick your f**king company up your arse. And I slammed the phone down.

    Some months later, my fellow ex-employees told me he was visibly shaken up by it and even consulted them about ringing me up and apologizing for the way he treated me. My colleagues (rightly so) said he shouldn't bother unless he wanted more of the same.

    I would never have done it if I didn't have that half mill sitting in the bank and if the job market wasn't as terrific as it was then in 2004.

    Fast forward 4 years later and who should walk into my new place of work but Mr. Y himself. He saw me and asked me if I could spend a few minutes. And he apologized for the way he treated me. He said how badly he felt about it all - in 35 years of sacking people he'd never given it a second thought but what I did made him feel so bad.

    And yes, my colleagues say he still behaves like an arsehole but what I did was a most humbling experience for him.

    If anything, it's taught me that you should always keep your debt or mortgage to a minimum so you can always walk out on your job if it's just too much for your state of mind.
  11. WRXXXR

    WRXXXR Guest

    Its all well and good to hate on the boss but think about how you'd feel knowing you've got your house and life on the line and some of the people you employ only see small picture stuff.

    My worklife has been quiet dull (never had a resume or even a job interview that went deeper than "dont be a dickhead and you'll be right") but one night doing nightfill during my student years i watched a bloke i worked with argue with and then punch our boss before walking off and i never saw him since. Boss was a prick but treated me well!
  12. frankqld

    frankqld Silver Member

    i had a supervisor who used to come to my bench and look at what i was doing and ask,what are you doing? every 10-15mins,he could see what i was doing,he knew what i was doing,one day i told him if he keeps annoying the crap outta me i would bust his head and he just laughed and said 'whatever',so i gave it 20secs and turned around with a wooden mallet in my hand and yelled "HEY FUKHEAD"!! he turned towards me just as my mallet missed his head by about an inch,the big boss knew what was going on so i took a risk and only got a verbal warning,i felt good and my supervisor didnt come near me for about 3months,he used to send someone else if he needed me to know anything,lol.
  13. Contrarian

    Contrarian Guest

    If the boss puts his house and "life on the line", that entitles him to be unfair and pick on his best people. Not!
  14. Fudd

    Fudd Full Member Legend Member

    ....this should have nothing to do with how one interacts with others in the work place.
  15. Tannerone

    Tannerone Silver Member

    When I had secured a job in Australia, I put in my customary two weeks notice in my workplace in England. Two days later the Division head called me to come to his office at 5:30pm that day. This was then in my own time. I duly 'obeyed' and was told that he was disappointed that I was leaving. During the previous two years, he had refused me promotion to advertised vacancies on several occasions. On this occasion he stated that "We have plans for your career which you have now dashed." At this point I saw red and simply said to him that "it would have been a good idea to have told me of the plans," and then walked out without waiting for a response.

    I expected to be told to see him when I turned up the next morning - but nothing happened.
  16. forest

    forest Silver Member

    Hmmm... I was a angry as a young man and I was brought up with a strong sense of fair play. Most of my early bosses were fine, except two, one I just walked out on and the other I put in hospital, he was an aggressive, belligerent piece of shit who started it, in front of witnesses. Even the police agree he was a twat.

    Since then I've been the boss and I treat my employees fairly. Worked out in the long run :)
  17. WRXXXR

    WRXXXR Guest

    You guys are taking me wrong and are perhaps reading into my post a little too much. I assune BB works for a small business and sometimes owners get stressed over time / money / life so its easy for them to take it out on staff like in BBs case. I'm not saying its fair but it happens from time to time and it soubds like it in this case.
  18. mumbles

    mumbles Bronze Member

    Being the end of the financial year I've left work everyday for the last few weeks feeling like screaming at or fighting the boss.:boxing:
  19. sexyserena

    sexyserena Silver Member

    When i worked as a chef a few years ago, i told my boss to f**k off and walked out. Theres plenty of rage working in a kitchen!
  20. Perth boy

    Perth boy Guest

    This is a very interesting topic as I am a boss and have 28 staff and thair family's to Concider when I make a decision. A long time ago when we had a lot less staff if someone took a day of or holidays we needed the others to take up the slack including me. Yes back then I was a boss that would not be a pric about if but expect others to do a bit extra. I too would jump in and often do 16 hour days. As a owner you still got bills to pay and small buseness can be hard. However we rewarded the staff for the extra work.
    These days it's different we now employ a few extra staff to take up the Slack when people are off.

    I consider myself as a good boss and I have worked with some not so good ones. But staff can be just as bad at times and that bloody Y genaration well I just won't go thire.
  21. Perth boy

    Perth boy Guest

    Opps posted twice stupid iPhone
  22. SAO26.2

    SAO26.2 Wink. I'll Do the Rest Gold Member

    The problem with this is that it's not the company's place to make career plans for its employees. The very idea that a boss has any plans, secret or not, is wrong. A person's career is his or her own business, and that person is responsible for making and executing his or her own plans. When a boss says he has plans for someone's career, that boss has crossed the line - and is being arrogant.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
  23. JasRob

    JasRob Gold Member

    Hmm that's one big factor why I chose to get my own business rather than having to go to the office everyday, be on time and dealing with your "boss"...
  24. charli_girl

    charli_girl Silver Member

    omg I hate my work sometimes!!! I go there and work so hard yet get no recognission for it!!!!! it drives me mad.... also the bitchiness between girls is terrible :(
  25. oz-surfer

    oz-surfer Silver Member

    Geez I could never work for someone again - once you become your own boss it's hard to look back...working from home is a pleasure as well......i do consider myself to be very lucky though....
  26. MIA LOVE

    MIA LOVE Perth Escorts Gold Member

    NO WAY!!!! lol!
  27. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    I swore at the boss once never swore at the wife again Soon learned there is the person who's name is on the documents
    then there is the BOSS

    In reality I am my own boss and I get grumpy with events But I try, never to take it out on my offsider/s
  28. Rachy

    Rachy Staff Member Legend Member

    have i ever been tempted to tell the boss where to go...... F#CK YESSS!!!!!! lol
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